Journals Publishing

PubFactory is an online publishing platform with journals support.

Get the journal support you need in one single platform.

Exciting news – PubFactory has been retooled to more directly support journals. This includes an expanded feature set for journals + increased price flexibility. Our journal solution is flexible and comprehensive. As your needs grow, PubFactory will grow with you. With its unique mixed-content architecture – when you are ready to load other kinds of content or contemplate the extended business models possible through custom publishing – PubFactory will meet your needs.

Why should you choose PubFactory?

  1. It serves your needs.

    Do you need a platform that can better adapt to your needs? Does your current solution leave you unable to make small changes that would make a big difference to your users? If so, you should consider PubFactory. Not only does it offer a complete and comprehensive journal solution, but our unparalleled customer service and ability to customize to your needs are unique in the industry. And, PubFactory doesn't stop at journals. If you publish other kinds of content such as books or conference proceedings, now you have the ability to put all that content in one place and reap the benefits of the synergy that can result.
  2. The PubFactory difference.

    PubFactory has always excelled at providing beautiful custom interfaces and features. We've brought that sensibility to the design and feature of the core platform. That way you know that your users will be well-served with a beautiful and functional design. As your needs expand over time, your platform can grow with you.
  3. It's cost-effective.

    We've added a number of different pricing options to help our journal customers have more flexibility. Whether you have one journal or hundreds, PubFactory has a price-competitive option to suit your needs.
  4. It's a long-term solution.

    PubFactory is ideally suited to grow with your needs over time. We are committed to enriching the platform with new and innovative features on a consistent and on-going basis. Support for all different content types – from journals to books to reference works – is built deeply into the platform architecture. The platform includes modules that are designed to support you as your needs grow – be it through the turn key production of new branded sites with our SiteGen module, or unlocking new revenue streams through our custom publishing module – PubFactory has advanced features ready and waiting when you need them.
DeGruyter Online

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