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Another PubFactory Renewal - Harvard University Press renews and invests in mobile optimized design

Boston, MA

Harvard University Press extends long term agreements with PubFactory while they transition to a responsive mobile-first design for their highly acclaimed Loeb Classic Library.

Tim Jones, Director of Design and Production at Harvard University Press “We value our ongoing partnership with the PubFactory team and look forward to launching a new fully responsive mobile optimized version of Loeb Classical Library in early 2017. Our collaboration with PubFactory has allowed us to create a unique reading and research experience worthy of these classic texts.”

“Extending our relationship and relaunching Harvard’s Loeb Classical Library in a fully responsive form is a strategic investment in making Loeb’s content as accessible as possible to as broad an audience as possible” says José Fossi, Vice President of Client Services for PubFactory. “We are honored to continue to be the preferred online host and technology partner for delivery of Harvard’s preeminent texts to the global scholarly community going forward.”

PubFactory’s technology platform and publishing services have been adopted by innovative publishers like OUP, DeGruyter, Brill, and the IMF. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 1,200+ journals and 400,000+ books along with other content types making it the only truly content agnostic platform and service provider in the scholarly publishing industry.

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About Harvard University Press

iFounded in 1913, Harvard University Press is the publisher of such classic works as John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice, E. O. Wilson’s On Human Nature, and Helen Vendler’s Dickinson, and continues to be a leading publisher of convergent works in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. HUP’s publication program, which includes important new digital projects and platforms, is driven by the belief that books from academic publishers are more essential than ever before for understanding critical issues facing the world today.

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