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Core Features

An integrated content platform that eliminates unnecessary silos, PubFactory's extensive capabilities optimize discovery, access, and publisher experimentation for journals, books, video, and other custom publications.

Features available to publishers “out of the box” include:

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Product Site

PubFactory provides leading-edge search services backed by an XML datastore. Quick search and Advanced search both provide full support for searching document text using Boolean operators, wildcards and quoted phrases. Advanced search extends search capabilities to a rich extensible set of metadata.

Quick search selected
Support Boolean queries selected
Support wildcards ? And * selected
Full text search selected
Metadata search selected
Limit search to region of document selected
Advanced search selected
Search Results

PubFactory provides leading-edge search services backed by an XML datastore. Quick search and Advanced search both provide full support for searching document text using Boolean operators, wildcards and quoted phrases. Advanced search extends search capabilities to a rich extensible set of metadata.

Hit highlighting selected
Pagination selected
Taxonomy viewer selected
Search widening selected
Faceted results selected
Link to prepopulated advanced search form selected
A-Z/Z-A ordering selected
Content Type ordering selected
Relevance ranking selected
English language query selected
Email results selected
Hit context shown selected
Did you mean? support selected

PubFactory offers rich browsing interfaces for metadata and taxonomies associated with core content such as hierarchical facet navigation, timeline browsing, and map viewers. Compelling visual focal points in themselves, these tools also serve as springboards for core content exploration.

A-Z / Z-A selected
1 or more subject-based browse selected
Email results selected
Editable Subject Landing Pages selected
Image gallery selected
Taxonomy-based browse selected
Entry Display

The PubFactory content viewer displays a large variety of different types of content in a consistent, comfortable manner, and includes a rich set of tools.Clear navigation locates the user within multiple contexts, including the current content set (such as the contents of a book) and the current search result set. Associated images, tables, sidebars, footnotes and bibliographies are presented in appropriate formats, and may also be chunked as separate entries when appropriate. A rich set of bibliographic data is mapped to outbound links using OpenURL and DOI. Users can share, email, and save content, and can easily capture citations in either MLA or Chicago format. PubFactory also supports the use of external citation management software by providing citation data in standard electronic formats such as Dublin Core and RIS.

Entry navigation selected
Email an entry selected
Cite an entry selected
Citation form - APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard selected
Download citation in RIS format (EndNote, ProCite, ReferenceManager, RefWorks, BibTex, Zotero) selected
Inbound and Outbound OpenURL support selected
Turn on/off hit highlighting selected
DOI support selected
Support sidebars selected
Images/Media - attached to paragraphs selected
Tables selected
Paragraphs selected
Footnotes selected
Cross references selected
Cross references via metadata selected
Social bookmarking support - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc selected
Smartnav selected
Text resizing selected
Printable version selected
Glossary selected
Editable Title pages selected
Article archiving selected
Forward Linking selected
Editions selected
Versions selected
Social Networking and Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools allow users to tag and share content while publishers can create and link podcasts and other newsworthy content. Blogs can be created and monitored to provide a forum for interaction between users of the site and the providers/creators of the content. Integration with favorite social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook can also be provided.

Blogs selected
Podcasts selected
Content tagging selected
Collaboration tools selected
Network integration - Facebook selected
Network integration - LinkedIn selected
Friend networks selected

PubFactory has unparalleled personalization features. A user who registers is given a persistent content locker in which they can save entries, searches, and personal collections they create. Collections can be made public so that other users can see them. Users can also register search alerts in order to receive notification whenever any new matching content is added. The locker also holds content purchased by the user for later retrieval.

Save search results selected
Search alerts selected
TOC & Ahead of Print alerts selected
Citation alerts selected
Bookmark entries selected
Download citations selected
Create projects selected
Order content within a project selected
Add comments to projects selected
Add highlights selected
Add annotations selected
Make projects public selected
Publish projects to site selected
Personal dashboard selected
Custom Publishing

PubFactory builds on our extensive custom publishing experience to provide unprecedented custom publishing capabilities by extending the personalization system. Using this system, user content collections can be assembled into PDF and ePub eBook formats and downloaded for offline reading on eBook readers and other devices. This capability is managed by a back-end system that enables Publishers to monitor, control and monetize this activity, yielding a potential new revenue stream.

Create title/toc/running heads/footers selected
Generate PDF selected
Generate EPUB selected
Include user generated content selected
Integrate with custom publishing service selected

PubFactory includes a full featured Account Management System (AMS) that publishers use to manage both institutional and individual accounts. The AMS supports the creation of accounts, titles, and offers and provides full support for consortia. A configurable notification system sends personalized activation, expiration, and renewal notices. Free trials and gratis subscriptions are also supported.

At the discretion of the publisher, institutions can self-administer some account information, including IP ranges, OpenURL, institutional branding and basic contact information.

Accounts selected
Products selected
Offers selected
Subscripitions selected
Notices selected
Trials selected
Library branding text selected
Library branding image selected
Library URL selected
OpenURL 0.1 selected
Custom collections selected
Tokens selected
E-commerce integration

PubFactory provides e-commerce support for sites that offer direct online sales by integrating a shopping cart and credit card payment processor with the product site. The AMS includes a detailed transaction history and integrates with external fulfillment, inventory and invoicing systems as required.

Payment processor selected
Integrated shopping cart selected
Transaction reporting selected
Integration with order fulfillment and inventory selected
Revenue Model Support

PubFactory gives publishers the flexibility they need by supporting a variety of different revenue models, including renewable time-limited subscriptions, one-time purchase with perpetual access, and pay-per-view. Credit card transactions can be settled using PubFactory's built-in support, or using an external system. Granular content packaging allows fine control over pricing, including the ability to provide free content on a time-limited basis. Using PubFactory, the publisher packages and sells content in the way that best fits their business.

Perpetual access selected
Subscriptions selected
Pay-per-view selected
Concurrency support selected
Named seat support selected
Access Control

Institutions can be allowed complete control over their registered IP address ranges using a convenient interface that handles wildcards and excluded ranges, or this function can be reserved for the publisher.

IP range selected
Username/password selected
Referring URL selected
Library card selected
OpenAthens selected
Shibboleth selected

Non-core content is updated easily using the web Content Management System (CMS). This may be used to manage marketing content as well as supplementary material that forms part of the authenticated content. The CMS provides a full-featured WYSIWYG editor, control over site navigation and menus, the ability to add new pages, and to organize pages into sections as needed. In addition, news items can be managed to provide new timely content for the homepage of the site.

Homepage editor selected
Static page management selected
News management selected
Custom forms management selected
Internationalization support selected
Content Ingestion / Publication Management

PubFactory's content loader lets publishers update, revise and publish core content at any time using a sophisticated yet simple job control dashboard. Detailed error reporting and tracking features make it easy to diagnose loading and content errors without delay. PubFactory's XML pipelines incorporate advanced validation rules that perform consistency checks that go beyond basic XML schema validation (which is also performed). All content is initially loaded to a staging environment so that full content QA can be done before content is moved to the production site. The publisher retains complete control over when, where and how to load content and when to make it live on the production site.

Document upload selected
Bulk publish selected
Single Entry publish selected
Schematron validation support selected
Job management selected
Hot folders selected
Embargoed content support (publish at a future date) selected
Library Features

PubFactory provides a number of features that support librarians. Librarians can self-manage account information, subscription renewals and even authentication details. They can update update the customer branding, including display account name and logo, that is presented to their users on the product site. Librarians can register an OpenURL resolver with PubFactory and provide users easy access to their own library's catalog within a PubFactory site. PubFactory's SRU/SRW service supports first-class federated search.

Federated search support selected
Add library logo, name & url selected
MARC records support selected
OpenURL support selected
SRU support selected
OAI-PMH support selected
Discovery service support selected
Add customized links to other databases selected
DOI registration sel ected

PubFactory supports COUNTER 4. The SUSHI standard is also supported. Full traffic analysis reports are provided to the publisher including failed search reports which are especially important in detailing where and why users are failing to find content within the product.

COUNTER book reports selected
COUNTER journal reports selected
COUNTER database reports selected
Failed search reports selected
Web traffic analysis selected
SUSHI REST service selected