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PubFactory is a mixed-content online publishing platform from Safari.

PubFactory is built from the ground up to support books, reference works and journals in a variety of XML formats, with full support for PDF, images and other rich media. It offers a full array of features for users, management tools for librarians and administrators, and a complete suite of back-end controls for publishers to control their content and manage relationships with their customers.

Product Tiers

Publishers will appreciate the range of packaging options and selling models that PubFactory provides.

  • PubFactory» Publish your product online using a streamlined and elegant design system—in as little as 10 business days. Go »
  • PubFactory Plus» Customize your design and manage multiple publications with this mid-level storage and bandwidth package. Go »
  • PubFactory Enterprise» Create unique user experiences and finely tailored publications with the added benefits and robust features of the PubFactory platform included. Go »
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Users will find that the award-winning design lends an easy grace to products built with PubFactory. Its state-of-the-art search and browse interfaces, comfortable online readers and richly interactive interfaces such as timeline and map viewers are elegant, intuitive and easy to use.

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