Publishing Platform

PubFactory is a mixed-content online publishing platform

Modules: CXS Editor

Take total control over your content display.

Execute a UX first approach,
to your publishing program

PubFactory's CXS Editor is a locally installed application that allows PubFactory publishers with front-end software engineering resources to exert complete control over the presentation of their content. Technical staff can make, add, and edit the XSL transforms, CSS, and Javascript code responsible for content display.

Once changes have been made, the technical team can add them to the PubFactory platform source code repository for release on their editorial schedule.

The CXS Editor frees publishers to:

  • Easily integrate with 3rd parties
  • Drive the pace of platform updates
  • Experiment with content display and website UI
  • Launch new products and publications quickly
  • Reduce new product development cost

CXS Editor webinar: Changing how publisher’s manage their digital business. Click here