Publishing Platform

PubFactory is a mixed-content online publishing platform

Modules: SiteGen

Simplicity. Speed. SiteGen.

Choose your content,
brand your site, and deploy.

Once LIVE on PubFactory, the SiteGen module provides publishers with tools to quickly create and launch new websites in hours bypassing custom development queues.

Publishers can clone their existing sites inheriting features or create brand new sites with different features, configurations, and design.

Reach beyond the library market. Sites can be branded and customized for institutions, professional service firms, or corporations.

Is SiteGen the right solution
for me?

I have a community-based site and a need to create a series of microsites to target different audiences. Is SiteGen the right solution
for me?
Absolutely. By choosing SiteGen, your main community-based site will be built on the powerful PubFactory platform. SiteGen will then allow you to create a standard template for a microsite, and replicate that to create however many sites you need to target different communities. Turn features on and off, customize design based on audience, and create specific URLs for each site. It’s that simple.
I frequently have particular titles that need their own marketing-focused sites, but by the time I work with designers and developers to create each unique site, the content seems stale. Would SiteGen be a good solution for me?
Yes. With SiteGen, you can quickly and simply feature unique content and eliminate the middle man. No designers. No developers. Create the site when you need it, and with the features and level of customization that you need.
I need all of my content—from microsites to marketing sites—to be connected as one, massive, fully-searchable community. Will SiteGen allow for this?
It will! SiteGen offers a search interface and discoverability tools so that all sites can connect. No more individual sites that work independently of each other.