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Bloomsbury Professional


Bloomsbury Professional sought to enter the Irish/UK law and tax market with a platform that would represent a new and completive offering. The goal was to build a platform that would provide a new experience for accounts and lawyers that need access to the right content quickly. A smart and fast search, and an intuitive browse were critical requirements. Secondarily, the site needed to provide a means for users to quickly export sample letters and forms.

The challenge for the PubFactory team was to build a platform for content as broad and deep as tax code and law with a strong user experience, as well as present certain content in manner that is portable.

In this fast moving market, the ability to bring new products online quickly is essential. We worked to provide a solution that allows Bloomsbury to get a new product up and online in a matter of hours - speed which simply blows away the competition.


We worked closely with Bloomsbury to understand the professional market from the user's perspective. We created a robust quick and advanced search providing users with immediate and meaningful results. Likewise we provided an intuitive browse experience for users with a strong knowledge of the content in print to quickly arrive at the specific case or law within a title. The search/browse is permissions-aware so users have fast access to only the titles for they are subscribers. We also created a platform that would scale well as content is expanded. To address portability we added an export to Word feature which provides users with ready made forms and letters.

Key Features

  • Smart and fast quick and advanced search
  • New product definition and launch in a matter of hours
  • Access Aware Browse and Search
  • Export to Word