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De Gruyter Online


De Gruyter had three different sites that were user-focused and pushing content. One was a book and journal platform, the second was a reference platform, and the third was their marketing site and bookstore. The goal of the project was to fold all three sites into one and get all content in one place, on one platform.


Our architecture was a good match for De Gruyter because the underlying concept of PubFactory is to put all your content in one place. In order to achieve this for De Gruyter, it meant upgrading the PubFactory feature set to allow for extensive and tight integration with their backend system, which included a bookstore and subscription management system. Another big challenge in terms of backend integration, was managing accounts and products. With an ecommerce store, you can typically get away with loose integration because you're shipping physical products, so there's a time delay. With electronic products, it's instant, which meant we needed to closely integrate with the backend to allow for immediate authentication.

Key Features

  • Simplified, more intuitive navigation, better tailored to the diverse information needs of the users
  • Custom publishing component, providing the capability to create POD print books
  • Search configuration, providing the ability for a search to conform to roughly 50 different databases
  • Advanced personalization features allowing users to work with content in a variety of ways: content alerts, annotations, and searches can be saved, as well as a personal virtual bookshelf for titles, chapters, and articles
  • The ability to search across content: journals, books, print—it's all in one place


Website redesign

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Success Story

Logistically, it was immensely challenging to replace multiple websites with one. [The PubFactory team] was the best partner to handle this task.

— Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director for De Gruyter