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International Monetary Fund eLibrary


The IMF sought to develop a new eLibrary that significantly enhanced its former product, and better integrated with its overall online publishing architecture. The goal was to move to a new platform that would provide all the functionality of its existing ebook platform, but also the ability to enhance the platform with custom features to showcase, explore, and make the IMF publications more useful to scholars, economists, and internal users at the IMF. Moreover, the IMF wanted to ensure that the platform could house its entire backfile of content in a platform that was easily searchable with intuitive functionality and filters.

The challenge was for the PubFactory team to create a base application version of the IMF eLibrary with standard PubFactory functionality that allowed IMF to scale the new platform solution internally.


We worked collaboratively with the conversion house, CodeMantra, and fulfillment provider AIDC, to create a robust and full-feature platform for book and journal content. Combining innovation and user-focused design, we developed advanced search and discovery tools to support researchers as they explore relevant content across soail and behavioral sciences, covering quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods.

The combination of base platform and custom application enhancements provides the IMF with an eLibrary product that continues to evolve and improve for its customers and end users.

Key Features

  • Access control based on IP
  • Powerful search and filtering tools
  • Region/country browse using an interactive map
  • PDF and ePUB files
  • Dynamic XML
  • Digital object identifiers (DOIs)


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Success Story

The IMF generates a wealth of analysis and research on the global economy. The PubFactory platform has made our recent and archived content much more accessible to our audiences.

— Sandy Donaldson, Publisher at the IMF