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Oxford Dictionaries Online


The goal of the new ODO was to put Oxford's largest modern English dictionaries, thesauruses, and usage guides at its users fingertips. Positioned to be the go-to resource for definition-seekers, business professionals, writers, copyeditors, linguists, academics, students, teachers, non-native speakers, puzzle enthusiasts, and "wordies", a high level of design and functionality was essential.


The ODO was built on PubFactory which not only allowed for a unique focus on design and custom development, but also enabled the team to work within an aggressive timeframe.

Along with sophisticated browse and filter options, we developed separate modules with detailed writing, grammar, and spelling guidance, specialist language reference resources for professional writers and editors, and a dedicated puzzle-solving zone.

Key Features

  • 'My Oxford Dictionary' feature for creating your own profile and saving entries and searches
  • Innovative alpha word wheel for browsing
  • User-friendly advanced search.


Website redesign

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Success Story

We are delighted to have worked with iFactory in developing Oxford Dictionaries Online. This was a large custom-built project with complex data needs, and iFactory excelled in building an enticing and intuitive interface with underlying data sophistication and robust technology.

— Judy Pearsall, Head of Dictionaries for Oxford University Press